Stainless steel piglet bowl, 2L

The stainless steel piglet bowl is a piglet feeding trough for use in the farrowing pen: with the help of the piglet bowl, the piglets can be fed in a simple and hygienic manner.
The piglet bowl is fixed to the grid with a clamping spring using the push button system, so that the feed bowl cannot be moved or tipped over.

  • Hygienic smooth surface
  • 3 eating places
  • Floor mounting
  • Push button system with J-hook
  • Stainless steel
  • Content: 2 liters


Tips for users:

  • Feeding piglets is important. Tasty feed ensures good feed intake and good, healthy piglets. Higher feed intake during the nursing period ensures higher feed intake after the weaning period. It reduces the risk of weaning dip and ensures more uniform litters
  • Remove food residues so that the feed remains continuously fresh and tasty
  • Avoiding the accumulation of bacteria reduces the spread of disease and consequently ensure better general health, improved feed intake and increased growth


Product dimensions:

  • Inside dimensions: 245 x 40 mm (Ø x h)
  • Outside dimensions: 255 mm (Ø)
  • Height: 185 mm
  • Width J-hook: 20 mm
  • Opening hook: 30 mm


Material properties:

  • Feeder: Stainless steel
  • Hook: Stainless steel


Technical specifications:

  • Content: 2 liters



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