ALZU Puppy is specially formulated to meet the requirements of your growing puppy during the crucial transition from puppy to adulthood. Nutrition plays a crucial part during this phase and incorrect feeding could result in problems later in their life. ALZU Puppy is balanced and is rich in essential nutrients required for healthy development. Increased levels of protein for muscle growth, balanced levels of Calcium and Phosphorous for strong bones and added antioxidants and vitamins to boost the developing immune system and ensures a healthy, happy puppy.
ALZU Puppy is also suited for adult animals requiring additional nutritional support, for example pregnant or lactating bitches or animals convalescing after illness.

Daily portions in grams
WEIGHT 2 Months 4 Months 6 Months 8 Months
1-5kg 20-75 50-120 50-135 40-130
5-10kg 75-110 120-200 135-220 130-230
10-20kg 110-170 200-310 220-350 230-340
20-40kg 170-290 310-520 350-590 340-530
40+ kg >290 >520 >590 >530



Crude Protein 265g/kg (min)
Moisture 100g/kg (max)
Crude Fat 90g/kg (min)
Crude Ash 90g/kg (max)
Calcium 22g/kg (max)
Phosphorus 14g/kg (min)


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